Friday, March 01, 2013

Cruisin' the Net--This Week's High and Lowlights

Sheldon Silver is working to block Governor Andy C. from stealing 260 million from our students

Philadelphia teachers are being offered a new contract with a 13% pay cut, among other goodies. In NYC, as a result of the Triborough Agreement, the terms of our old contract remain in force until and unless we sign a new one.

In case you're still wondering what our impending junk science evaluations entail, here's a VAM primer.

 Upstart MORE caucus has a new campaign video.

Diane Ravitch explains why she cannot support the Common Core standards. My favorite question:
Would the Federal Drug Administration approve the use of a drug with no trials, no concern for possible harm or unintended consequences?

Award-winning Rockville Centre principal Carol Burris also has grave concerns about Common Core.

Meet Eli Broad and friends.

A psychologist is puzzled by the misadventures of US Education Secretary Arne Duncan and Microsoft mogul Bill Gates. (Has anyone ever seen Arne speak while Bill drank a glass of water?)

In our brave new educational world, will teachers be reprimanded for assigning books?

Finally, I adore Reality-based Educator's take on the forgotten-but-not-gone Cathie Black.
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