Monday, December 10, 2012

What's With Mayor Mike?

Mayor4Life is shooting his mouth off again, saying he won't accept any evaluation system that doesn't hold teachers' feet to the fire. He also says he wants all teacher evaluation reports released to the public, despite a law that specifically precludes that. (Ironically, Mayor Mike is currently applying to the Supreme Court to make sure his correspondence with failed Chancellor Cathie Black is not made public. After all, accountability is for the little people.)

The interesting point, though, is that his combativeness does not actually indicate a sincere desire to rate teachers. Were that the case, he wouldn't be using hit and miss nonsensical junk science like VAM. Sure, a new evaluation system will render tenure meaningless and allow Mayor Mike to fire a whole lot more teachers, but that probably isn't enough. After all, while the wheel of VAM could certainly pick off a loudmouth like me, it could easily hit E4E teachers, all two dozen of whom are liable to go out and speak up for this nonsense.

More importantly, the UFT will be able to demand fair hearings for 13% of poorly rated teachers. I hear that sticks in his craw. Mayor Mike likes this system, where anyone he says is no good stays no good.

Mayor Mike, therefore, will have a harder time firing simply anyone he likes for any or no reason. This grieves him deeply. Oddly, I worry much more about the 87% of teachers who won't get fair hearings. They are screwed. It will be on them, at 3020a hearings, to somehow prove they are not incompetent. I have no idea how anyone does that. As things are now, the DOE needs to establish incompetence. You are innocent until proven guilty.

Under the new system, you will be guilty until proven innocent. Does that sound un-American? It does to me.

I hope Mayor Mike continues his hissy-fit indefinitely. The new system will not be good for working teachers, and I could not advise my students to pursue a career in which they'd be judged by junk science. Of course, teachers and unions will be blamed for the lack of agreement, and the New York Post has already began saying it's our fault there isn't one yet.

I wish they were right, but as usual, they aren't.
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