Saturday, November 24, 2012

On Debate

This week I had to delete a number of comments. One likened this blog to Fox News and called me all sorts of names. Another laid out what I should write about, and criticized my choice of topics. Apparently these readers know what belongs here better than I do. Perhaps they should start their own blogs and write about whatever they wish.

Sometimes people tell me what I think, and are almost invariably incorrect. I'm not sure what passes for debate elsewhere, but to me that's blatantly ridiculous. You say this, therefore you believe (insert preposterous and offensive assumption here).

This is first and foremost an opinion page. It's remarkable that some adults, who have presumably seen newspapers and/ or news shows, seem unable to discern that. I'm not Jim Lehrer reporting the news. If there is, indeed, another side, feel free to offer it. I'm all ears. In fact, if you persuade me I'm wrong I'll admit it. Frankly, though there was at least one issue-oriented comment at odds with my opinion, no one has come close to changing my mind this week.

Arguments like you are an idiot, how dare you say that, or why aren't you giving my point of view rather than your own are juvenile, and furthermore unpersuasive.

I welcome dissenting opinion. If union reps wish to comment here and offer points of view other than mine, or discuss issues, they are more than welcome, and if I respond it won't be with personal insults.

However, if the sort of ad hominem nonsense I've been seeing in the comment section represents what is discussed behind closed doors by those who run our union, we are in very sad shape. I would not tolerate this sort of discussion from teenagers in my classroom and I certainly won't tolerate it here.

The comment section here is a forum for opinion and discussion, not personal attacks or name-calling. If you feel such policies are unfair, feel free to seek out and participate in a forum that meets your standards.
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