Friday, November 09, 2012

Donors Choose Promotes Anti-teacher Propaganda, AFT Promotes Donors Choose

For those unfamiliar with Donors Choose, it's an organization teachers can use to fund classroom projects. Thus all the needed supplies that folks like Mayor Bloomberg fail to provide can come from charity. Can we please have this or that? It only costs 400 bucks, and since I haven't had a raise in four years I can't lay it out myself.

However, Donors Choose does other things, like pay people to watch anti-teacher, anti-union propaganda. In fact, they offered to bribe teachers who would watch it. Personally, I found that repugnant. I would sell things to raise money for my classroom before taking a dime from an organization that supports teacher-bashing.

Furthermore, Donors Choose had no qualms about taking money from the miserable teacher-bashing film Won't Back Down, actually headlining that it supports teachers. This is the sort of nonsense that turns my stomach. While the latest attempt at anti-teacher propaganda bombed at the box office, we really don't need to associate with those who'd strip us of everything for which we've collectively labored for decades.

Therefore I was shocked to get an email from the AFT urging me to contribute to Donors Choose. I won't reproduce it here as I don't wish to drive traffic to their site. But I have a few questions for our leadership.

How many times must they stab us in the back before we get the message? Is twice enough? Or are we breathlessly waiting for yet another attack on our profession and everything we stand for?
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