Thursday, August 30, 2012

Getting Ready to Face the Trailer Again

Well, September 4th is soon approaching, and it's around this time I start to get nostalgic for the old classroom. There's no place like it.

Mitch Jayne from the Dillards once said all country music is about either being home and wanting to leave, or being away from home and wanting to go back. Teachers may feel the same way.

Sure, we spend a lot of time looking forward to the break, just as the kids do. But then we miss all the hubbub of work. We are what we do, after all. Of course, we aren't really where we do it, because we don't choose to do it there.

That would be, in fact, the choice made my Mayor Michael Bloomberg. In 2007, he promised to rid the city of trailers by 2012. To analyze the value he added, we'd have to look at the number of trailers there were back then. It was about 400. But now, with Mayor Bloomberg's invaluable contribution, the one Christine Quinn's City Council changed the twice-voted-upon law to enable, there are 400.

And if you are what you do, what is the man who gave city schoolchildren all those trailers? Is he the guy who says he puts "Children First. Always?" Or are the people putting children first always the ones who go to that trailer, that area, that building, and face each and every kid, no matter what needs they have, each and every day, no matter what?

Just asking.
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