Sunday, July 22, 2012

Bloomberg Fails, Yet Does Not Get Letter Grade

Stunningly blunt article in the Daily News today on how Bloomberg's signature initiative, school closings, has been an abject failure. It's important to note that the US Education Department favors similar programs, based on Arne Duncan's Renaissance 2012, also an abject failure.

It's pretty clear that high-needs students do not, in fact, disappear, no matter how many schools you close (except at charter schools). Also, poverty does not simply disappear when you treat the nation's teachers like second class citizens.

Since all public schools get letter grades, largely based on how many high-needs students they happen to serve, shouldn't we be giving Tweed one given they've been doing this for a decade and it doesn't work? Will Arne Duncan or Bill Gates read this and determine they've been moving the nation backwards for no good reason?

More to the point, will Daily News readers remember this the next time they read an editorial stating that Bloomberg is a savior and the teacher union is trying to subvert the education of our youngest and most vulnerable?

Only time will tell.
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