Thursday, June 21, 2012

They're Just Kids (and Teachers)! They Don't Need No Stinkin' A/C

Well, for once, I applaud Mayor Bloomberg's approach to answering questions about students in non-air-conditioned classrooms taking Regents exams and, theoretically, teachers still trying to conduct classes.  Man up, kids, says the Mayor.  Life is full of challenges.

The Mayor, of course, is right.  And I'm so excited to hear that he and his staff are foregoing air conditioning in solidarity.  After all, running all these air conditioners is expensive, and we can't afford everything we want!  These are tough times!  If kids can take tests that determine their graduation in sweltering, smelly rooms, and teachers can be judged by the results of those tests, then by golly, the mayor's staff can work on their plans for his seventeenth term in office in similar rooms.

And to all you nay-sayers out there pointing out that Mayor Bloomberg hasn't actually said anything to that effect, I ask you: Would the Mayor ask his fellow New Yorkers to do anything he wouldn't do himself?  Would he call on us to make sacrifices he didn't truly believe in?  Would he ask unionized employees and poor kids to suffer while he enjoys air-conditioned comfort in his chauffeured vehicle and spacious office?

Would he?
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