Friday, June 29, 2012

Mayor4Life Must Be Kept Cool

While more than a million kids swelter in hundred-year-old buildings and tin-coated trailers, New York City is investing in innovative ways to keep billionaire Mayor Michael Bloomberg cool. Mayor4Life travels in SUVs, and they must be equipped with home air conditioners, because regular auto AC simply does not meet his discerning standards.

Mayor4Life is a regular guy, of course, and wants to conserve energy.  That's why he takes the subway to work after two SUVs drive him there. I mean, you don't expect Mayor Bloomberg to simply take the subway near his home, do you? Don't most New Yorkers take two SUVs to the subway stop? For goodness sake, how else would you get there?

This is the mayor who made a no-bid deal with Alvarez and Marsal that caused schoolchildren to stand outside on the coldest day of the year waiting for buses that never came.

There's no mistaking the implications here. It's important that billionaire mayors travel in comfort, and whatever ridiculous measures that entails, we're ready to embrace.

On the other hand when it comes to extreme heat, extreme cold, and all-around terrible conditions, it's Children First. Always.
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