Thursday, June 28, 2012

Happy Summer Vacation, Here Are Two Classes' Worth of New Kids

On the second to last day of school, the principal at my school got a phone call from a parent.  His daughter's charter school was being closed, and he'd received a letter in the mail saying that my school was to be his daughter's new school.  Could he, the father asked, come by to see the school and meet the principal?

My principal's response: Sure, come on down, we'll be happy to meet you.

My principal's next response, after hanging up the phone: WHAT LETTER

Later that day, Principal got an e-mail stating that about 50 kids had received letters sending them to our school due to the closing charter school.  This is about 2 classes' worth of kids.  This will probably necessitate hiring 2 more teachers.

Now, don't cry for my Principal, necessarily--this is his job, he's good at it, this is why he gets the big bucks.  Still, this is a crazy situation to put someone in, no?  Send out the letters to the parents and THEN, by the way, tell the principals?  Did anyone at the DOE look at our capacity before they slapped our name on letters that got sent home to (already stressed-out) parents and kids?

So my principal's vacation (such as it is, I guess, since principals work most or all of the summer) is off to an exciting start.  I wish him the best with it.

And I wish you all a happy summer vacation.  I'm up bright and early to post and then to start my first trip of the summer, so I hope you're all off doing something equally pleasant today.
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