Friday, April 13, 2012


This photo ran in today's Daily News. I can't remember what the story was about, or who this guy is, but when I saw that this young woman was a student, I was beside myself. This looks like improper touching to me.

As a regular reader of the Daily News, I know that teachers who've committed such acts of barbarism have been labeled perverts. I certainly hope they say the same about this man, whoever he is. Perhaps there's a letter in his file that was thrown out for being baseless, and we, the public, need to know about it so we can shun this man, whoever he is, for whatever it was he was acquitted of doing.

The New York Post should camp out on his doorstep, call him the worst whatever-it-is he does in the city, and run a story about it. And the Times should catalog all the instances of anyone in the world having been acquitted of committed such atrocities and run a story about that too.

This looks to me like something for which this man, whoever he is, needs to be removed from his job, whatever that is, and sent to some other place for a few years to await a hearing. Then, after that, if he's declared innocent, it's important that all the papers call him a pervert and demand he be fired anyway.

Because that's not simply justice. It's New York tabloid justice, the best kind money can buy.

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