Friday, March 16, 2012

Bang, Zoom...

It's kind of amazing when anyone in authority speaks truth to Bloomberg. But Regents Chancellor Meryl Tisch is doing just that. I don't know whether or not someone tainted her breakfast cereal, but she seems to recognize that Bloomberg's political machinations have nothing whatsoever to do with putting "Children First, Always." Would that the local papers would share that cereal.

Bloomberg simply cannot fire teachers fast enough. I can't say why he doesn't simply jump on the new evaluation plan, but it appears that fair hearings for even 13% of targeted teachers is too much for Mayor4Life. His plan, simply denying every appeal no matter what, appears to be more to his liking. After all, the PEP simply does whatever he says. Why can't everyone simply do whatever he says?

Let's hope against hope this is a wakeup call for Mayor4Life. Maybe even the privileged have had enough of his absurd nonsense. Perhaps he will find himself unable, even with all his money, to buy himself that fourth term he fantasizes about.

And let's hope he lands somewhere where he won't be able to hurt working people any more than he already has.
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