Wednesday, December 21, 2011

To Serve You Better

Yesterday I got a letter from Arthur Pepper of the UFT Welfare Fund. Apparently, we teachers have got it too good. We've been overusing the privilege of patronizing our local pharmacies and must now send all long-term prescriptions to Medco. Medco, as you may know, is the mail-order pharmacy company the UFT does business with.

One of the great things Medco did was do away with the simple postpaid envelope the previous mail-order pharmacy had. On that envelope, you could fill out a few things, drop the scrip in the envelope, and mail it away. Medco prefers a long incomprehensible form that fits in a very particular way into some oddly shaped envelope. If you are frustrated by that you can always drop the scrip in your own envelope, include your name, address, phone and Medco ID, and send it off to:

PO Box 650322
Dallas, TX 72555

I find it easier than the one they provide, even if I have to use my own stamp. Considering they're forcing us to use Medco, though, the UFT ought to bring back the old simple envelope that could be used for any prescription, rather than just a renewal. I usually just pay extra to bring it to my local pharmacy, but that appears to be going the way of the dodo. Perish forbid we should support local business.

Also, copays are tripling and quadrupling on our dental plan. Actually dentists have been covering extra, to me at least, for the last few years. I can only hope that the copays don't come along with the extra payments I'm already compelled to make, but hope springeth eternal.

Regardless, our prescription gurus have dispensed a bitter pill for working people who haven't had a raise in almost four years. Cops and firefighters, who got the 8% pattern that lowly teachers do not merit, may respond better to something like this (or not). With a contract that expired over two years ago and no progress in sight, this will result in fewer happy campers of already demoralized union members.

I have nothing against dentists. But I presume they're better paid than we are, and I have to wonder why the UFT sees fit to better their contract before doing something worthwhile with ours.
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