Monday, December 12, 2011

*(Except Teachers)

A few weeks ago, every teacher in New York City received an exciting email:

20% New York City Employee Discount Every Day!*
Discount on all Gifts & Collectibles.

Shop Online @
Enter Employee Code 4212

Well, how could anyone resist such a bargain? Cool stuff everywhere. You could get t-shirts, hats, mugs,  calendars and all kinds of things. You could show your support for NYPD (New York's finest), FDNY (New York's Bravest), or SDNY, the Sanitation Department (New York's strongest).

What every teacher in New York did not see was one single solitary item celebrating education, or educators (the DOE, or the UFT, New York's most vilified). Since Mayor Bloomberg is the "education mayor," you'd think he'd want to tell the world about his sterling deeds. Apparently not.

You can buy the pictured t-shirt at the NYC store. But truth in advertising suggests it ought to add an asterisk.
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