Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Bad Ways to Spend Your Holiday Break

The scene: Miss Eyre's home. Mr. Eyre, though he works in corporate America, is taking the week off along with his wife because he has to use up his vacation time for 2011. Mr. Eyre has just done some laundry and is now relaxing, watching some television. Miss Eyre notices some tense-looking people sitting in chairs and a middle-aged man asking them some probing questions.

MISS EYRE: Wait a second. Are you--are you watching Maury Povich?

MR. EYRE: Yup.

MISS: Oh, come on. "Casey's Been Keeping Secrets From Miranda"? This is what my kids watch when they're playing hooky from school.

MR.: Well, I am playing hooky from school.


Hope you all are enjoying playing hooky from school this week, too. But may I suggest watching something--anything--other than Maury Povich?
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