Friday, November 04, 2011


Every few days our comment section gets spammed. Sometimes the spammers choose posts from years back, perhaps thinking I won't notice. The spammers who love this site best are those who are selling term papers. Here's one of their most recent comments:

It is absolutely an fantastic advice and gives abundant advice about education. Thanks for providing such affectionate of advice with us. Thanks for sharing.

You have to wonder who would want to buy a term paper from someone who wrote like that. I suppose you'd have to be not only pretty desperate, but also naive enough to believe the person who wrote it was a native English speaker.  Sometimes the spammers try flattery:

This is a really good read for me. Must agree that you are one of the best blogger I ever saw.

I suppose they think that will persuade me to leave their ads up. It seems to me, though, that if I don't make money from this site, they shouldn't either. Sometimes they get really enthusiastic:

HEY; congratulations a lot for brilliant performance; really
you guys performed fairly well; all the very best to your all; keep continuing
as like.

Wow. Thank you very much. Miss Eyre and I had tears in our eyes when we zapped your comment. Here's one from some outfit pitching high school diplomas:

I have heard so many things about NYC Educator and suddenly came across this blog. The information is very informative and thanks for sharing such kind of things to us

You know, with that degree of specificity, I have to wonder whether the writer ever got a high school diploma. Well, with Bloomberg and his stats, and NY State grade inflation, it's entirely possible. Here's one from a first class essay service:

The more you are growing up, the more such things make you feel embarrassed. Kids are so ... "look I'm so bossy here", I don't know how to explain it.

Of course you don't. So naturally, I'm willing to shell out my hard-earned bucks to have you write an essay for me. If I'm lucky, my teacher won't actually read the essay. Now that's entirely possible. I once had a young student whose essay landed on the desk of our department office.  She got an A, from an AP no less. I took one look at it and knew it was 100% plagiarized.

I went to the girl's classroom.

"You're not going to tell Ms. Braindead!" she protested.

"No I'm not," I told her. "But if I can see it, so can a whole lot of other teachers. So don't think you'll get away with this forever. I'd fail you if you tried that with me."

I wonder whether she bought it from one of these outfits. If she did, they certainly bought it from someone else. It's amazing they can't find spammers who can write competent English.

Until they do, I'm gonna keep zapping their comments. And when and if they do, I'm gonna zap their comments anyway.
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