Tuesday, October 04, 2011

What Teachers Do on Long Weekends

I was making some phone calls to parents yesterday afternoon since, believe it or not, a month of school is nearly over. For some of us, that means that we're already halfway, or more than halfway, to the first report card of the year. So I figured it was time to check in with the guardians of my lovelies and give them some updates.

I had a lengthy conversation with one mother in particular, who was justifiably upset over her son's performance in many of his classes. "This is the fourth message I've gotten from a teacher today," she said sadly, and, knowing her son, I believed her. "I just talked to him yesterday, asked him how school was going. He tried to tell me everything was fine. Well, you're the fourth teacher I've heard from today, so obviously everything was not fine."

As well, my school uses a schoolwide online referral system so teachers can share information about students with each other, and I noticed a serious uptick in the number of referrals in my e-mail yesterday morning. And as I wrapped up my conversation with Concerned Mom, I realized what was going on: We were coming off a long weekend, the first breather since school began, and teachers were using the time to update all their grades and really look at how students were doing so far. So Monday morning meant a tsunami of referrals, e-mails, and phone calls to reach out to teachers, coaches, and parents.

Clearly we lazy unionized government employees spend our generous vacation time sleeping in and catching up on Jersey Shore.
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