Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wave of the Future

When I see stories like this one, I'm not remotely surprised. When you put a gun to the head of a principal and say, "Get higher grades or I'll kill you," that principal may just decide the hell with all that achievement nonsense--I'm just gonna pass everyone any damn way I can. Then, said principal will pressure staff to do the same.

In fact, this has been going on for years, in varying degrees, in just about every school in the city. Teachers are told it's their fault if kids fail, and run around trying to figure ways to pass every kid. So what if he's asleep every day. He passed that test three months ago. Sure he copied, but that showed initiative.

This mania for testing will not end well. It's not at all surprising that kids with apparently good grades are not college ready. But when it's entirely the fault of the school when kids fail, that's what you get. Who wants to have 500K per year Geoffrey Canada label you a "dropout factory." Canada doesn't tolerate such things, which is why he dumped an entire grade rather than have them make him look bad. And, of course, if we had such preposterous options, we'd always look good too.

It's a whole lot easier to blame teachers and schools than to eradicate poverty. In fact, the biggest "reformers," like Mayor4Life, while constantly bitching about those darn teachers, actively contribute to poverty by firing working people. At the same time, they insist millionaires can't spare another dime in taxes.

With such patently ridiculous values, if they can be called that, it's not surprising that they can't imagine anything to improve education other than constantly rising test scores, meaningless though they may be.
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