Monday, October 17, 2011

Let's Do It

EdNotes offers an important idea--that of linking Occupy Wall Street to education. Readers of this blog know well that the billionaires are trying to work their magic on our careers, just as they did to the economy, and that even the supposed Democrat, Barack Obama, firmly supports their baseless hare-brained schemes. Arne Duncan can't wait to do whatever the hell Bill Gates tells him to.

If we can get our message out, that the same people who tossed the economy into the crapper want to do the same to our children, we'll have accomplished something truly worthwhile. This is a long-term project that can't be accomplished overnight. The occupiers of Wall Street had to wait weeks before even being acknowledged by the mainstream media, and we'll likely have to wait even longer, having been tarred and smeared ever since we propelled President Hopey Changey to his current position.

But it appears the public is growing weary of years of nonsense upon nonsense. Who will speak the truth? Teachers, of course. If we can tell kids how things are, why can't we tell adults as well? After all, we have the welfare of their kids in mind. Do we want our students growing up into a world where they have to have both parents working 200 hours a week to pay rent? Do parents want that? I know I don't.

Teaching is a political act. We're making young people smarter, better-informed, and that's a threat to the corporate interests currently running our country and pretending to be Democrats. Doubtless smarter and better-informed adults are even more of a threat--and that's precisely why we need them right now.
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