Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Professional Development Surveys, If We Were Honest

The administration at my school gave us a professional development survey last week. Maybe yours has too. They ask you what kind of PD you'd like to be offered at the school, or what kind of external PD you'd like to attend. I put down some stuff about strengthening my writing instruction, but I got to thinking that, if I could really be honest, I could think of some PDs that would really be more helpful. I put together this list, which, nevertheless, I do not plan to share with my administration.

  • SmartBoards 101: How to Plug Them In

  • Classroom Pest Control: Beyond Dictionary-Throwing

  • Working with ARIS: Where to Find Parents' Phone Numbers, Which Is All You're Looking for 99% of the Time

  • Spanish for Teachers: You Can't Just Add an "O" to the End of Every Other Word

  • Classroom Management: Whatever You Do, Don't Send That Kid to the Office

  • Special Education: How to Read an IEP (please bring your own magnifying glass and thesaurus)

Feel free to add yours in the comments!
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