Friday, September 30, 2011

The DOE Taketh...

A friend of mine was very ill for some time. Teachers in my school gave her days so she could get better, 2 for 1 (because Bloomberg's DOE always needs money), and she got much better. She looks and feels much better now, physically at least.

Yet the DOE, in its infinite wisdom, somehow failed to note the days we gave. Perhaps they got lost at Tweed. Maybe they were gobbled up by some virus in an overpriced computer system somewhere. Tough to say.

So you can imagine my friend's surprise when they started taking gargantuan deductions from her paycheck. Thousands of dollars, though she doesn't owe remotely that much. She's left to live on maybe a hundred bucks a week.  That's tough to do in Fun City. I'd like to see Mayor Bloomberg do it.

I suppose they'll clear it up, in their way, in their time. But what a miserable way to treat a working person.

Par for the course in Mayor Bloomberg's New York.
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