Wednesday, August 31, 2011

They're Going Baaaaaack...

Mama and Papa Eyre were always very fond of the Staples commercial from back in the '90s, a screenshot of which is posted at left. It depicted a father joyously back-to-school shopping while two miserable-looking children trudged behind him, scored to Andy Williams' "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year." And Miss Eyre can certainly hear the parents of her young charges counting the seconds until Miss Eyre and her colleagues have to put up with them endeavor to educate and inspire them.
All joking aside, though, I'm pretty ready to go back. In fact, I'm going in today to survey what kind of havoc summer school and custodial overhauling may have left in its wake in my classroom, so I can start organizing and decorating. I'm trying to take Friday off, so if I get a lot done today and tomorrow, I still have one more genuine vacation day all to myself.

I'm not sure if I've ever felt so excited and simultaneously so full of dread about going back to work. The pluses: I love my school; I've never worked for such reasonable, smart, supportive administrators as I do now; I'll get to see my old students again, most of whom I liked a lot; I like most of my colleagues and it'll be nice to see them again. All of which sound like solid reasons to be excited. The dread, though, is more nebulous. I feel like the political climate has never been worse (though you veterans feel free to correct me if this young whippersnapper lacks the proper hindsight). I know I'm not alone in this. I'm terribly worried about contract negotiations. I know my principal is really a whiz with the budget, wringing every last penny to make sure the teachers and students have what they really need, but the budget picture is scary nonetheless. I can't help but feel a little stressed.

Well, we'll be back to work officially by the time I next post, so enjoy the long weekend and have fun setting up your rooms. (It really can be fun.) And, I guess, do what I'm doing: focus on all the great things about getting back to work, and try not to worry about what's outwith your control anyway.

We're going baaaaaack...

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