Monday, July 04, 2011

Vice President Biden Speaks to NEA

Biden suggests we should vote for him because he, and Obama, and Duncan are not Scott Walker. He says they should work with us, not against us. And he's right, of course.

Why, then, do they applaud Hurricane Katrina for bringing us more charter schools?  Why do they cheer when the entire teaching staff of a Rhode Island school is fired? Why do they allow Duncan to use his plainly failed Renaissance 2010 program as a template for America? And how on earth can they take marching orders from Bill Gates rather than we, the people?

NEA is contemplating an early endorsement of President Obama. I hope they decline. During the last campaign, Obama promised NEA to do things with us, not to us. He's broken that promise, and repeatedly. He fooled me once. Will he fool the NEA twice?

I hope not. If we support people who stab us in the back, who take orders from billionaires, who stab us in the front, we can expect and deserve only more of the same.

On this Independence Day, let's not only celebrate; let's also declare ourselves free of politicians who do not support us, be they Democrats, Republicans, or whatever.

Update: Fred Klonsky reports the NEA has endorsed Obama

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