Friday, July 15, 2011

Holy Grail of the "Reformers"

Gotham Schools was down for some time this morning, but it's back up again. This posed a potential inconvenience for busy bloggers looking to see what education articles are up, as well as whatever crap the NY Post wishes to masquerade as news.

Still, last night's wrap-up held some doozies. There was a link to an education booklist, headed up by anti-teacher propagandist Steve Brill. A piece on the further adventures of TFA. Also, there was a link to yet another piece by Ruben Brosbe. Clearly it isn't enough for Gotham to publish whatever nonsense Mr. Brosbe posts on their page, but it's also necessary to direct us to more of it elsewhere. (On behalf of teachers everywhere, thank you Gotham Schools.)

The most striking of the links yesterday was one about a teacher offering to work for free. This, no doubt, constitutes the virtual wet dream of "reformers." What more could they ask for? Were this to become a trend, they could give up all their political manipulation, save billions in "charitable" contributions, and let schools be. What's the point in attacking unions if their ever-decreasing tax burden isn't actually supporting public schools?

Anyway, I suggest Gates, Broad and Walmart get together and start an organization to encourage teachers to work for free. They could set them up with a downtown office and give their leaders salaries even as they encourage others to forgo them. Then one of them, with an eye on a big-time "reform" job, could get a column at Gotham Schools and write any damn thing without regard to accuracy or logic.

If it works out, maybe Jay Matthews could write a column on how erudite that person is. A win-win.
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