Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Gee Mister, Can I Have My Ball Back?

You hear the most remarkable things about the "Children First" crowd. For the last few days the blogosphere has be abuzz with news of Jonah Edelman's smarmy boasts about  how he tricked unions into making ridiculous deals. Edelman simply forgot to mention those dear children he cared about so much. Sure.

Now Keith Olberman tweets about uber-"reformer" Joel Klein stealing a foul ball from a kid at Yankee stadium in 2009. Can you believe that? I can. There's something about demagogues like Klein and Edelman--it's not really the alleged missions they're carrying out. That's why Edelman forgets his. It's really all about them, and how clever they are. In fact, it doesn't really matter whether Klein stole the ball from that kid or not. He's committing far more serious offenses against children each and every day.

By attacking and demeaning union, the only real way working people can have a say in the workplace, he's screwing with the lives of children in a far more serious fashion. How can teachers have pensions? Why should they have health care? How come they get sick days, and why on earth can't we fire them whenever we feel like it? That's what Klein asks, over and over, in print, on camera, and everywhere.

The oddest thing is, here in America, that message resonates, with the aid of propaganda outlets like Fox and the NY Post. Yet by attacking these few things teachers have held onto, after years of working for lower salaries than their peers, Klein and his ilk seek to deprive our children of something far more serious than a baseball--by attacking working teachers, he sentences our children to lives without security, lives as wage-slaves, lives ripped out of Orwell's visions. He'd sentence our children to lives, essentially, without much of a future.

Klein can have the damn ball, if he wants it that badly. But we've got to keep him far away from our kids.

Thanks to Reality Based Educator
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