Wednesday, February 02, 2011

NY State Gets Priorities Straight

Governor Andrew Cuomo has a 70% approval rating. This, of course, is because of his incredible judgment. How wise of Mr. Cuomo, facing a 10 billion dollar deficit, to let a millionaire's tax expire, thus losing 5 billion dollars. After all, those millionaires need that money. Mansions don't grow on trees, and good help is hard to find. Sometimes people demand money to work, and if the geniuses in Florida don't reverse Obama's health plan, they may even be forced to provide insurance sometimes.

In any case, our Governor has boldly decided to make up the money he's given the millionaires by cutting things that don't affect them, like public education and health care for the poor.

Planned spending on Medicaid programs and local school aid would each be cut by $2.85 billion, closing roughly half of a budget gap now projected at about $10 billion, one of the largest in recent history.

No self-respecting millionaire worries about that stuff anyway. And Governor Cuomo has had it up to here with that CFE nonsense, demanding reasonable funding for city kids. Let them go to Dalton if they don't like it! The state's coddled them enough.

It's hard to believe that Cuomo, who's vowed to take on the unions, is a Democrat. Isn't it traditionally the Republican role to do that? If Democrats are now the enemy of working people, why do we need Republicans? Does this make them an anachronism?

And actually, if the role of the Democrats is to protect the interests of the rich at the expense of working people, why do we need them either? If they can get away with such nonsense in New York, they can do it pretty much anywhere. Interesting times.

Ain't they?
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