Friday, October 15, 2010

Jury Duty

Yesterday I did my patriotic duty and showed up for jury duty.  It seemed like a good idea, since I'd already put it off once and if I didn't show they'd probably have come and put me in jail and stuff. 

So I showed up bright and early, sat in a room for hours ( seemed like more hours that it actually was).  I'd forgotten to bring a book, which was a big mistake.  However, I soon became one of those people who sits engrossed in a cell phone.  I'd always wondered what makes people do that.  Evidently, it's the utter absence of anything else to do or think about.  I never experience that at my job, though there are times I wish I would.

After two or three hours, I got called.  They put us in a bus to take us to a courthouse.  In front of me, I could see a young woman with a Blackberry posting, "Jury duty effing sucks," on Facebook.   After they put us in a large waiting room, I began texting very similar messages to some friends at work.   Man, jury duty really makes you appreciate your job.

They called me up, and the judge asked if anyone had any experience with DUI.  I raised my hand and said I had a friend who'd been convicted multiple times.  The judge excused me, and they sent me out to lunch for 90 minutes.  (This particular aspect of jury duty was one I could readily support.)

20 minutes after lunch they moved us into a room, had us fill out a survey, and sent us home.  Look for my next jury duty report in about six years.  
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