Friday, October 08, 2010

And You Can Design Your Own Bulletin Boards...

I read all over the net about the benefits of working for charter schools.  You have the freedom to design your own curriculum, and the freedom to spend all the time you like doing so.  You're free to talk on your school cell phone whenever parents call you.  You're free to be fired on the spot for telling people what UFT teachers earn, or for reporting special education violations.

Here's something that you haven't heard before--you're also free to lose two months pay for missing two days of work.   UFT teachers haven't got that option, what with that nasty restrictive contract holding them back.   And it doesn't matter that those were two days students didn't attend.  Without a contract, the charter can do any damn thing and they can rationalize it any damn way.  For example, they can say there's nothing you can do about it because the teacher resigned.

It doesn't matter that you took a summer job and they only notified you about those extra days weeks earlier.  The important thing is you have the right to be penalized almost $5,000 a day for missing work.  You don't have the right to earn $5,000 a day when you actually show up, but you can't have everything.

Oh, for the freedom to work with no guaranteed pay, no seniority protection, no recourse from the whims of greedy insane employers, and no more restrictions from that nasty old contract.
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