Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Who Funds Ex-Educators 4 Excellence?

After reading the WSJ piece on the union-busting young ex-teachers, I had to wonder--how the hell do they pay the rent?  They aren't teaching, but rather spreading their new gospel.  What happens when that electric bill shows up?

It's remarkable that seems not to have occurred to the reporter.

Do they live with Mom and Dad?  Do they get an allowance?  Or do they get money from Whitney Tilson and DFER?  If so, is that really any way to run a "grassroots" movement?

I lost my job on multiple occasions, excessed when it meant no more paycheck.  At that time, no hedge fund manager offered to help me out if I'd subvert my union.  Nor was it an avenue I was inclined to pursue.  Instead, I put on a suit and haunted every department of every school in New York City until some poor desperate AP offered me a job.  It only takes one yes, you know.  After that you can forget about all the rest.

Not working was not an option for me, nor is not a viable option for most teachers.  And non-working teachers do not, in fact, represent working teachers.

This particular group of non-working teachers represents Gates, Broad, and Wal-Mart, whether or not they even know it.   You'd think those folks bought themselves enough press already.

You'd be wrong, I guess.
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