Thursday, September 30, 2010

To DA or Not to DA

Gosh, I don't know what's going on with me. I'm coming up with all kinds of crazy ideas this year. First it's subversive activity like explicitly teaching correct grammar. Now, I'm thinking about becoming a union delegate. I've never been deeply involved with the union before, and I'm not sure what has changed, but I'm interested, at least.

My new school's old delegate doesn't want the job anymore because she's about to have a baby, so the position is open. Our CL is looking for volunteers, and maybe it's just me feeling like I need to get out of the house more or see the UFT in action up close (whatever that may look like), but I kind of want to do it.

Sure, it's not the UN. Then again, it's not like the UN appears to be accomplishing much these days anyway. I'm not under the illusion that I'm going to go all Norma Rae all over the DA or anything; I just see it as a learning and serving and networking opportunity. That seems not so bad.

The readership's opinions on this would be most welcome. Any delegates out there willing to share their experiences, good or bad? Any pitfalls of which I should be aware? My CL told me it's just going to the DA once a month; is that really all there is to it?
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