Friday, September 24, 2010

Not Insane!

That was a tagline for a politician in a strange Firesign Theatre political ad.  But it might be Andrew Cuomo's strongest selling point.   Now I don't much like Andrew Cuomo, and if you want to know why you can read my buddy Reality Based Educator, who will give you chapter and verse.  Basically, though, I've decided that any politician who doesn't support teachers won't be getting my vote.  For starters, I've crossed Obama and Cuomo off my list.

On the other hand, billionaire GOP pick Paladino runs around saying, "I'm mad as hell and I'm not gonna take it anymore."  Thus, he models himself after Howard Beale of the film Network.  Here's the thing, though--Howard Beale was clearly in the throes of losing his mind.   He announces he plans to commit suicide on the air, and that's not precisely what I look to in a leader.  That doesn't apply, I suppose, to people who are literally ready to drink the Kool Aid.

Are New Yorkers ready?  Well, if they actively support Paladino, I'd say yes.  In fact, you only have to look to Darkest New Jersey, where they saw fit to elect Christie, to see the sort of thing teachers can expect from our pal Paladino.  And that would give me pause if I weren't convinced that Andrew Cuomo would be just as bad.   Cuomo is creepy and opportunistic.  But to me, he doesn't appear insane.

Still, if I were to vote for him, I'd be granting credence to the Firesign Theater well beyond what their parody envisioned.  I'm afraid I can't vote for Andy simply because he's not insane.  If he wants my vote, he's gonna have to start acting the way Democrats acted before they all morphed into Hopey-Changey empty suits.
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