Friday, August 20, 2010

The World According to Fox

I'm in Manassas VA, just outside of DC.  To show how all-American they are, the hotel I'm in is piping Fox News on their TVs.  They showed an embarrassing picture of Congressman Anthony Wiener and explained, somehow, he thinks he looks like a woman.  When I first walked in they were discussing how the GOP is going to win in November, and how this had something to do with Twitter.

There was an interview with some guy who said that companies wanted to hire people, but unfortunately the government charged so much they couldn't give people jobs.  I suppose the only thing we can do is offer tax cuts to corporations.

They then interviewed a woman from Canada, who said she was very open-minded about the mosque at the WTC site.  To show how open-minded she was, she said she was Canadian.  However, she spoke to the people responsible for the mosque, and found they were too aggressive in supporting it.  Therefore they could not be trusted.  Furthermore, she wasn't sure what countries may have provided funding for it.

They've also mentioned that GW Bush is now more popular than Barack Obama, and that the Democrats are in big trouble.  But they're really pounding away on the mosque issue.  So this, then, is what people who watch Fox are thinking about and talking about.

At a time like this, it's pathetic that so many of us are so ill-informed we'd regard this drek as news.  And it's not enough to get all snooty and say we're sophisticated New Yorkers--we just allowed Michael Bloomberg to buy himself a third term.  Tough to see how we're any smarter than the Fox viewers.

I gotta run.  They're gonna tell us how much taxpayers have to pay so Barack Obama can campaign for Democrats.  I wonder if they did the same when GW was President. 
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