Monday, August 23, 2010

Save the Burlington Coat Factory

So says Curmudgeon, in an ironic but cryptic post.  It doesn't look like much of a garden spot, does it?  But this, it turns out, is the "hallowed ground" on which alleged evildoers wish to build a ground zero mosque, evidently to spit in the face of all Fox-watching good Americans.

Only it's not at ground zero.  It's two blocks away.  And it's not a mosque, but an Islamic center.  Having heard about the ground zero mosque ad nauseum in a hotel that played Fox in the lobby, I had no idea of either of these things.

So not only are Americans getting all riled up about a major religion exercising a fundamental right, but they're doing so under false pretenses.  Fox thoughtfully gave a free airing to a commercial by NY gubernatorial hopeful Rick Lazio, who's exploiting this non-issue to give racist galoots added motivation to vote for him.  

As an elementary student, I was taught this country was founded because people were seeking freedom of religion.  One would hope we'd still have that freedom in place, and that we could exercise it no matter how uncomfortable it made Sean Hannity.  Frankly, there are few things more disgraceful or embarrassing than seeing people who'd deny that right to others.  There are so many more important things on which we could focus, like the economy, or the ongoing fraud that passes for education policy in this city or country.

If these folks want that Burlington Coat Factory that badly, let them have it.
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