Sunday, August 15, 2010

Quality Control

I get a lot of nonsense among the comments nowadays.  Often, it's a seemingly innocuous message saying how wonderful and interesting the post is.  Always, such messages contain a link to some commercial enterprise or another.  Here's the most recent comment that didn't get published:

A big thanks for this great information. I have stumbled it and will shortly tell the rest of my online network know. They will definitely think it as interesting as I did.

The link, oddly enough,  was for an online English class.   You'd think they'd at least find someone who could spit out a decent sentence.  You'd be wrong.

On the other hand, their target demographic is people who don't know English, so maybe they've got the perfect person producing copy.   How would they know whether an ad in English is competently written or not?  Still, I'll spare you the source, as it doesn't meet the NYC Educator standard for English teachers.

Call me madcap, but I still think English teachers, whatever other qualifications they may have, ought to be fluent in English.
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