Thursday, August 05, 2010

I Want it Now!

In NYC we have mayoral control.  Essentially, this means the mayor can do whatever he likes and if it looks like people on his board of education will vote against him, they're fired before they get the chance.

As a representative of Mayor Bloomberg, Chancellor Joel Klein doesn't need to take no stinking orders from the state.  When they tell him not to move a charter school into a building, not to displace or imperil a school for autistic children, that constitutes an emergency, so he does it anyway.

Mayor Bloomberg's approach to education is, "I'm me, I can do what I want, and nobody else is gonna tell me what to do."  This may not be precisely the behavior you're looking to elicit from your students, but when you take into account that both Bloomberg and  Klein actually represent billionaires and hedge fund managers rather than you, me, or schoolchildren, it makes perfect sense.
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