Friday, July 23, 2010

Donors Choose Let Bill Gates and Wal-Mart Choose for You

I was surprised to read at Accountable Talk yesterday  that the Donors Choose program, ostensibly set up to help teachers with pet projects, was whoring itself out to the billionaires and hedge fund managers who want to destroy public education.  What will those wacky rich folks do next?  They've bought the President, NY State's Governor, NY State's likely next Governor, and now they've got their hands in this innocent-looking little program.

They want teachers to pledge to see the anti-union, anti-teacher documentary Waiting for Superman, which has left people like Roger Ebert stating that teacher unions are responsible for everything wrong with education.  Certainly this must be a very effective piece of propaganda.  Doubtless it's bought the line every editorial board in NYC has, that charters are magic and fix all the problems kids may have.

But it's reprehensible that it would bribe teachers into working against their own interests.  You won't be seeing me asking for money with Donors Choose.   You won't see anything on this page that goes against the interests of working teachers.

Feel free to send them a little note and tell them how you feel.  Their website says they "vet" every project submitted by teachers.  Too bad they can't be bothered to do the same with wealthy propagandists.  It says a lot, actually, about how little they trust or respect working teachers that those representing the Gates/ Wal-Mart POV can do whatever the hell they like.
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