Friday, June 11, 2010

Pure Joy

Here's something Joel Klein doesn't understand, will never understand, and will never experience.

I have a girl in my afternoon class who I fight with all the time. 

"You are a troublemaker,"  I tell her.  "I don't like troublemakers."

She doesn't care at all.  "YOU are a troublemaker," she says.

"Oh, you call your English teacher a troublemaker?  How could you?"

"Because it's TRUE.  Ask anybody."

We've had a hundred similar conversations.  The other day, I looked around the room at these kids.

"You are a great class," I told them.  I'm really going to miss you."

"You are a great teacher," the girl said.  "I will really miss your class."

It's the first nice thing she's said to me all year.   But I treasure it.   To have someone as smart as she is give such a great compliment--it means a lot.

It made my day, anyway.
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