Friday, June 04, 2010

A Fly on the Wall

Hey Mike.

How’s by you, Mike?

Sorry I had ta say all that stuff about the teachers.  I know you probably didn’t wanna hear it.

That’s OK.  Don’t worry about it.  It’s a long ride to Albany and I don’t wanna argue.

So, our deal is still on, right?


So we’ll let ‘em stew in it for a while, then come back with 2.

That’ll be fine.

But only up to the first 70K, right?

We’ll figure that out later.   Let's enjoy the ride for now.  Whatever happens, we can blame the governor for everything.

What if your members don’t go for it?

The members?  Don’t worry, they’ll go for anything.

Are you sure?  Because I don’t wanna dig any deeper.  I hadda give everyone else 4.  That's the pattern, and we've never broken it before.

Look, we’ll tell them we were gonna get zero.  After a while, 2 will look good. I'll be a hero.

OK, if you’re sure.

No sweat.  I'm telling you, the members will vote for anything.
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