Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Dear Miss Eyre

No, I'm not starting an advice column. (Unless you want me to.) Rather, at this most wonderful time of the year (better than Christmas!), I'm reflecting on some of the missives I've received from my babies recently. What with the school year ending (and me working with a couple of kids to save them from gloom, doom, and summer school), I've gotten some very lovely words from the kids. My favorite goes something like this (I'm paraphrasing):

Dear Miss Eyre,

When the school year started, I was really scared! You seemed like you had a million rules and all these deadlines. You gave us that big packet with all the things we'd have to do all year in it. You seemed really organized but also really demanding.

I'll stop this letter here to say that thank GOD I was not in the presence of children when I read it, because I laughed and laughed aloud when I read that. ORGANIZED. A child called me ORGANIZED. Either this child is extremely diplomatic or has never actually looked at my desk once all year.


But it turned out that you helped us with everything. You always made us believe we could do it and made sure we were successful. Your classes were really fun and you were always energetic.

Oh, this poor deceived child. If only she knew how much coffee it takes to get me to that state sometimes.

Thank you for everything you did for us. Have a great summer! I'll miss you!


**wipes away tears of laughter**

No, no, Jemima. Thank you.
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