Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Two Smart Fellas

It's interesting to see that one of the two geniuses who proposed the death of last-in first-out for teachers , and for teachers only (not for firefighters, police, or anyone else), and for NYC teachers (not for Long Island or Westchester teachers), is downplaying his expectations of success.  I mean, I didn't actually want it to succeed, so there won't be any tears here.  But did he actually expect it to succeed at first?

Perhaps he did.  We're in an economic downturn, and the shock doctrine suggests that demagogues can use such things to their advantage.  Certainly Hurricane Katrina allowed Bush and company to privatize New Orleans schools, doubtless putting a nice piece of change into the pockets of some of their good buds.  And Arne Duncan, personally appointed by President Merit Pay, thought that was swell too, the best thing that ever happened.  After all, the kids who perished were probably poor and bringing down the test grades anyway.

Even more interesting, perhaps, is the fact that neither Bing nor Diaz, his fellow great thinker, knew what the law they needed to replace so desperately actually entailed:

He and Diaz also flubbed a description of the law their proposed legislation would alter, claiming incorrectly that current rules would lay off teachers without regard to the subject areas they teach.

I mean, there they are,  passionately demanding only the most qualified people be employed, and they don't even know what the hell they're talking about.

Are these the guys who want to choose who stays and who goes?  I certainly hope local residents send these guys packing ASAP.
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