Monday, April 12, 2010

Save a School for the Deaf

Sign this petition.  The petition company will then ask for a donation (not for the school, but for the petition company itself), but don't be fooled--you don't have to give them anything.

Bloomberg and Klein will stop at nothing to promote their anti-union, anti-teacher, anti-family corporate agenda.  Tell them what you think about it.

They just blew their chance to up the charter cap because they refused to give parents a say in whether or not charters could invade schools their kids attend.  Let me tell you something--no parent wants an extra school to take space away from their kids, and I don't blame them at all.

Let this school thrive, let all schools thrive, and let's tell them that extra space should be used for enrichment and lowering class sizes--not for places to dump their pet projects, or Eva Moskowitz' latest foray into separate and unequal.

If Bloomberg and Klein want more schools, they can build them.  Clearly they don't give a good goshdarn about all the overcrowded public schools they've left unattended.  Let them help those schools out before they find space for new ones by destroying existing schools for the most vulnerable and needy among us.
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