Friday, March 05, 2010

New Action Is Not ICE

They're right, you know.  That's why I won't be voting for them.  New Action is not Unity.  Not completely, anyway. 

Personally, I have a lot more respect for Unity.  I disagree with much of what they do (and fail to do), of course.   I've met good people from Unity lately--I'm not going to vote for them, but I certainly don't think they're all bad.

New Action, be its people good, bad, or indifferent, is a sham.  Essentially, it's a bunch of folks who've sold their values for a few jobs in the UFT.   They always endorse the Unity President, and it's fairly clear they have no alternative.  Were they to run one of their own, they'd not only be trounced by both Unity and ICE, but they'd also lose all their jobs and then what would they do?     New Action pops up every three years when they want votes.  Though some of them may not even know it, their sole purpose is to divert votes from the real opposition--ICE/ TJC.

One of their talking points is that ICE supporters, like me, won't stand up and oppose Bloomberg and Klein.  Actually, that's preposterous.  

Our upcoming election is important.  No one owns ICE.  And the accusation that we just stand around and say "no" to everything is stereotypical, simplistic, and baseless.

We say "yes" to seniority transfers, even as 95% of the Delegate Assembly votes us down.

We say "yes" to democracy, not only in NYC education, but in the United Federation of Teachers as well.

We say "yes" to a reasonable contract.

We say "yes" to working people, as most of our children will grow up to be working people one day.

Most of all, we say "yes" to making sure this job, the best one there is, remains a good job for our children, and their children.   

I say "yes" to James Eterno for President, one of the hardest-working, most dedicated and knowledgeable chapter leaders in the city of New York.

I'm very proud to vote for him, and I certainly hope everyone reading this does the same.
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