Friday, February 12, 2010

Thank You, Mayor Bloomberg

Yesterday morning I got up bright and early to go to work. As it happens, I am a fool, and I always arrive a little early to take care of all the nonsense that invariably comes my way. Thus, I leave pretty early. Yesterday, to be sure, I left even earlier.

We'd shoveled several times the night before, so I figured I'd be in good shape. But lo and behold, my car was covered with so much snow it was like we'd never done a thing. So I cleaned the whole car. My local sanitation department, much to my surprise, had plowed my street for what seemed to be the first time ever. This boded well, thought I.

But who would've thunk it? My little Prius could not make it over the wall of snow the plow had left in the street, and I got stuck halfway into the street. My wife boldly came out and helped me shovel. I decided if I could get the car back into the driveway I was calling in. Who needs this nonsense? But I couldn't budge it.

I woke up my poor daughter, happily sleeping through her second snow day. After all, where we live, we haven't got a mayor who can predict weather, or circumvent time and space to declare the day before that coming in would be no problem. We spent an hour shoveling, and finally I got the car out. I called in to say that I might be late. How late? Who knows? I'd get there when I got there.

And I actually got there on time, having prepared to leave 90 minutes early. I heard similar stories from my colleagues. It was very tough to park as most spaces were covered with snow, despite the Mayor's assurances. You see, when you have an SUV to pick you up at your house and drive you to your preferred subway station (so you can boast about taking the train to work) you don't run into such difficulties.

Perish forbid we should have a delayed opening. Days like this are precisely what they're for. Unfortunately, neither the mayor nor the chancellor sees things beyond the span of their own noses.

And how did the Mayor deliver on his promise all the streets would be cleared? Watch and learn:

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