Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow Day Redux

Well, Miss Eyre just left the manor to go to dig out the horseless carriage for the fourth time today. I wish I could say I'm surprised that Mayor Bloomberg has preemptively announced that Mother Nature will cooperate with the schools being open tomorrow, but I suppose I'm not. Even storm systems obey his will, apparently.

As of 8:30 Wednesday night, I'm not so sure. I shoveled my front walk, went around the corner to dig out the horseless carriage, and then came back to mi casa to find another quarter of an inch of snow had already fallen. I don't think the weather is improving. I suppose I'll drag myself in to work tomorrow, slowly, but I know some of my colleagues might not be able to do the same.

"Sorry about that for those that wanted another day off," Mayor Bloomberg smarmed in today's press conference as he announced that schools would be open. I wish it was that simple. Personally, I'd love it if the roads were safe and clear tomorrow and I could get to school with no worries. I just don't know that that will be the case. And, as always, I wish for a bit more in the way of humility and grace from Hizzoner.

Imagine a press conference in which the mayor said the city would do its best to clear the roads overnight, weather permitting. "We would like to open the schools safely tomorrow," he might say. "We'll try hard to make that possible for the morning. But, if that's not the case, we'll announce a delayed opening or closing as early as possible. Above all, we want our students and teachers to be safe."

The way he speaks conveys no sense of concern or respect for children or for teachers. Contrary to what he probably thinks, teachers are not lazy lieabouts praying for another snow day so they don't have to do their jobs. They just don't want to choose between coming to work and living to see another day.
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