Saturday, February 20, 2010

NYSUT Supports Cuomo

It's significant that the state teacher union is supporting Cuomo rather than anti-union slimeball Paterson.  I know nothing of Cuomo's positions on charter schools.  Does he think they should continue pushing into public schools and taking space away from our kids?  Does he approve of them siphoning away kids of proactive parents while failing to take their fair share of high-needs kids?

I've watched Bill Gates speak, and he is amazed that charter schools are able to get good results with good kids.  He's also amazed that at KIPP, the teachers circulate and don't allow kids to fall asleep.  Me, I'm amazed he doesn't know that hundreds of thousands of public school teachers do the same thing every day.  But Barack Obama does whatever Bill says, so the question is this--will Andrew Cuomo do whatever Bill says?

I certainly hope NYSUT knows what it's doing, as I seriously doubt Paterson will survive a primary.

I don't have any position about Cuomo.   Still,  knowing very little about him, I can state with absolute assurance he isn't Paterson.  I only hope he gives us more reason than that to support him.  If he's bought off by the Billionaire Boy's Club, like Paterson and Obama were, it'll be a truly tough choice.
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