Monday, February 08, 2010

Common Sense Is the Least Common of All the Senses

You'll know that's true if you read this column in the Daily News, essentially vilifying all educators for the actions of a few. This is a time-honored technique used by racists everywhere. I remember, as a kid, hearing other kids justify their racism with the line, "The bad ones spoil it for the good ones." Of course, there are bad ones in every group, and just because a few papers print bigoted nonsense, I wouldn't assume they all do.

To the writer's credit, she disavowed the implications of her piece, attributing the additions to editors. But there's certainly a pattern here, considering the poorly researched piece of trash the NY Post saw fit to print the other day.

It's contract time, and as usual, the city wants to pay us peanuts. Usually, there's a crappy pattern, and we're stuck with it. This time, there's a desirable pattern, and the city doesn't want to pony up for teachers. Of course the city's broke, there's a crisis, there's no money, and they can't possibly do better. Still, when the dot com craze was booming, we sat with zeroes. I didn't see outrage in the Post and the News.

The trash they've been running is tough to differentiate from common bigotry. Sure, it's directed against a profession rather than an ethnic group, and sure, it's motivated by political ideology.

But the people who choose to print this stuff might as well be Archie Bunker. Unfortunately, they're not remotely as amusing.
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