Monday, February 22, 2010

Children First

There's a big shiny ballpark near where the old Yankee Stadium was.  The new stadium took the place of where South Bronx children used to play.  But it was a fair trade--the kids would get new parks where the old stadium used to be.  The only problem is it never happened.  And three and a half years later, the neighborhood kids are still waiting.  Why, that's more time than it takes Mayor Mike to phase out those kids' schools.

Mayor Mike is passionate about parks.  That's why he went to court and fought for the right of affluent private school children to have public parks in sweetheart deals.  But it's children first with Mayor Mike, so public school kids can count on being screwed quickly and often.  It's no parks for them until he's good and ready.  Let them go play on rooftops and in abandoned buildings.  It will teach them how the world works.

Let's see what gets built first--parks for public school children or the 72 million dollar charter buildings for Mayor Mike's BFFs--even as tens of thousands of public schoolchildren don't have seats.

I don't usually gamble, but I'll take the action on this one if anyone's interested.  Place your bets in the comments section.
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