Thursday, January 28, 2010

Mayor Bloomberg Is Not Your Dad

Well, the PEP vote has happened and its result was, sadly, a surprise to no one. What surprised me, though perhaps it shouldn't have, is the paternalistic tone Mayor Bloomberg took toward his constituents (unwilling though they may be) following the vote.

"Schools that have failed our students for years shouldn't be kept open for the sake of nostalgia," Mayor Bloomberg said today after the vote. Well, thank you very much, Mayor, for stating the obvious. I doubt anyone really believes that failing schools should be kept open for the sake of nostalgia. This strikes the tone of a father speaking to a child, telling him that there is no monster under the bed, not that of a mayor taking his constituents' concerns seriously. Concerns about closing schools include displacement of needy students, long distances to travel for students who prefer a neighborhood school, the difficulties veteran teachers may face in seeking new jobs, the loss of a school that may provide other valuable services to the community, and others, but I don't think anyone puts "nostalgia" in their top 5 reasons.

As Andy Samberg would say, "That's not my dad! That's a PHONE!" Except this is not my dad, nor is it a phone. It's a mayor, who ought to speak to and about his constituents with a smidge less condescension.

(If you've never seen the Andy Samberg SNL sketch to which I allude here, you absolutely must. You will laugh and laugh. And certainly we all need a chuckle today.)
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