Friday, January 08, 2010

First Things First

Even as Mayor Bloomberg and his machine close 20 schools, there are priorities. And one of them, clearly, is non-unionized charter schools. Naturally, when they need space, all the public school kids have to move. Now this wouldn't happen where I live. First of all, we support our public schools. If there are problems, our community stands up and demands they be fixed.

And you know what? They are.

Unfortunately, there is no community in New York City. There is mayoral control. That means, of course, that the mayor does whatever he wants, whenever he wants, however he wants, and if the community doesn't like it, they can go fish, and never mind how cold it is outside. So Eva Moskowitz charters need space and the neighborhood schools get less of it.

This is called "school choice." It means that Mayor Bloomberg can choose to leave your neighborhood with less school space, or even no school space. He can diminish or close your school, and if you have no neighborhood school he won't even give you a damn metrocard so you can get to whatever school he says you need to go to. Public transport too expensive? Walking an hour-and-a-half in the below-zero wind chill helps battle childhood obesity.

Most communities wouldn't stand for the decimation of their school systems. But New York City has turned their community over to a demagogue who cares only to get as much public school money into the hands of as many private entities as possible. That's why Eva Moskowitz can pay herself half a million bucks while 500 20K-per-annum DC37 employees are out of work at the hands of this mayor, who had the audacity to run ads claiming his administration would be all about jobs.

Actually, though, it is all about jobs. It's all about giving jobs to those who least need them.
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