Friday, October 16, 2009

Mr. Bloomberg Rebuffs Uppity Parents

Mayor-for-life Bloomberg has declared issues like overcrowding off-limits to parents. These issues take years to resolve, and he ought to know--he's spent years without resolving them. And in November, he may get four more years to not resolve them.

Mayor Mike then corrects our crude preconceptions about the English language by pointing out that people who complain about overcrowding, actually, are not parents. They're "community activists." Wait until our kids find out we aren't parents. There'll be orphans lined up from here to the Brooklyn Bridge.

Mayor Bloomberg points out the problems with referendums. How can you get anything done if those nasty people out there get to vote on it? How would you get another Yankee Stadium built with all those "community activists" complaining that those short people, the ones who aren't their children, don't have room in their schools?

And Mayor-for-life Bloomberg is a guy willing to put his considerable money where his equally considerable mouth is. That's why he personally arranged to overturn the term limits referendum that city voters had twice affirmed. That's why he can openly tell parents who want better conditions for their children that they aren't parents.

Why any parent or child would want to vote for a guy like that is simply beyond my meager comprehension. It just goes to show ya--watching too much TV is bad for you, especially when the richest man in New York City is buying all the air time.
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