Thursday, October 22, 2009

Love Is in the Lunchtime Air, Part II

It was a crazy day for Miss Eyre, and she just couldn't have lunch with the kiddies. There was too much going on, and she needed some peace and quiet and time to grade a handful of papers. But, as it happened, she also needed to swipe some milk from the cafeteria, so she popped in and saw the kiddies.

Clustered around one of the tables were a few girls, doodling and reading. One of the girls in the circle was Caroline. And next to her was sweet Jack.

She watched the group out of the corner of her eye as she squeezed into the lunch line to grab her milk. Jack was making puppy-dog eyes at Caroline, who was pretending not to notice. But he was in the circle, the only boy there.

Miss Eyre wanted badly to give him a wink or a thumbs-up, but didn't want to embarrass him, so she only took her milk and made a hasty exit. She wondered if Caroline could challenge Jack to do better in school. She wondered if they were talking about their love of Linkin Park.
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